Welcome to Spencers Trash Service! 

We are a small local business providing weekly household trash collection service to Burns, Fairview, Bon Aqua, Dickson, and Lyles

Tired of the hassle of hauling the trash every week? What's worse than to come home from work and see that there's no more room in the trash can? We provide weekly trash pick-up service with rates as low as $30 a month.

We accept cash, check, and card payments (Checks are made out to Spencers Trash Service). There are three ways to pay: 1. On this website, 2. By securely attaching a plastic bag with payment to the trash can lid, or 3. By mailing it to Spencers Trash Service, PO Box 265, Bon Aqua, TN 37025.

Payments are due the first pick-up day of every month.

It's that simple! Thanks so much for checking us out. 

Weekly trash pick-up with rates as low as $30 a month!

We serve*:

To sign up: call or text me (Daniel Spencer) at 615-605-5343.

You can also email me at dkspencer3@gmail.com. 

*Be advised, certain areas in the above mentioned cities may be out of our range.